Stephanie -

Stephanie -

Expert knowledge management, education and environment
Create Consultancy (sole proprietorship)
Groenekan, NetherlandsGlobal citizen
Education: Masters

Learning and knowledge management expert in the field of international development cooperation and civil society organisations. A qualified researcher with a good understanding of international development issues. A thematic focus on climate change, energy, public-private partnerships, sustainability, knowledge management, environment, ICT and education. A regional focus on Africa, Latin-America and Europe. Much appreciated for training and capacity building skills of teams. Very good writing skills; author of reports, newsletters, summaries and blog-posts. Familiar with monitoring and evaluation, EC procedures and NGO ‘Project Cycle Management’ procedures. Strong analytical skills with ability to link policy and practice. Well capable of making statistical analysis and mathematical calculations. An appreciated facilitator in team building activities. Good communication and language skills (Fluent in English, French, Spanish and Dutch). Proven ability to learn on the job (on for example ICT issues). Experienced in monitoring and evaluation, conducting surveys and facilitating e-consultations for improved performance. More at:

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