Randal Samstag

Randal Samstag

Civil and Sanitary Engineer
Bainbridge Island, United StatesGlobal citizen
Education: Masters

Mr. Samstag has over 35 years of experience consulting in the water and wastewater sector. He has been responsible for planning and design of over 100 water supply and wastewater treatment facilities from village level to cities over 1 million population. He has completed planning studies for nitrogen removal for the three largest wastewater treatment facilities discharging to Puget Sound and was a designer for the first two nitrogen-removing wastewater treatment facilities in Washington State. He was the project manager and partial author of a study of Appropriate Technologies for Water Pollution Control for the Wider Caribbean for the United Nations Environment Programme. He is expert in application of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to analysis of water treatment processes and has performed cost and water treatment process technology assessments for over 100 clients. He has taught seminars at the university level and for training of water treatment operations staff and is the author of over 50 book chapters, peer-reviewed publications, and technical conference presentations. His work has included analysis and design for water supply and treatment facilities throughout the United States and in Singapore, Nepal, Ecuador, Uruguay, Mexico, the Caribbean, and the Middle East. He is a native English speaker and has a working knowledge of French, Spanish, German, and Italian languages. He is available for consulting on water process and sanitation alternatives analysis on-site and from his office in Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA.

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