Randall E Witte

Randall E Witte

Chairman and CEO, Expert
Lighthouse Utility Solutions, Inc., Zintro
Cincinnati, Ohio, United StatesGlobal citizen
Education: Undergraduate
Very creative engineer who has practiced 6-Sigma since before it had a name and considers Engineering to be Applied Physics so "learning" the physics of a system is critical.
Winner of ASHRAE international energy conservation award plus several local and regional awards.
Creator of several utility-based products that are dramatic improvements to current technology or are totally new technology that can replace current technology- cutting energy usage up to 75% and water usage up to 90% while saving up to 95% of environmental releases- with paybacks of less than two years.
An individual who believes that  you must always try to be better tomorrow than you are today, that there is always someone else who is smarter than you are, that you should never stop learning and that you must always try to make things "better" for as many people as you can.

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