Pilar López Martín

Pilar López Martín

Business Manager and Project Manager
Madrid, SpainGlobal citizen
Education: Masters

Engineer and Master with more than ten years’ experience. I have developed my career in the private sector, in enterprises belonging to important holdings (FCC, FERROVIAL, IBERDROLA, EPTISA, SGS, ACS y COMSA EMTE).
My professional experience has developed in constantly evolution from specialized technical position to engineering, consulting and technology enterprise management.
I am a professional with experience in building and managing teams, encouraging collaboration and analysing personal and technical skills, reaching high efficiency. In the last years, I have launched the development of a new consulting business, I combined the project management with the business development management, both nationally and internationally.
I see myself as an outgoing person and able to empathize with clients, partners and collaborators, creating motivation and complicity, as the base for the development of good dynamics teamwork and providing creative solutions in complex and changeable environments.

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