Petrisor Zamora IORDACHE

Petrisor Zamora IORDACHE

Director & CTO
Green WaterNanoTechnology
Bucharest, RomaniaGlobal citizen
Education: PhD

PhD.Fiz. was born in 1978, district Panaghia, Dolj, Romania.

In 2001, completed he’s faculty education in theoretical physics (Faculty of Physics, Bucharest University) where he was specialized in Nuclear Physics.

In 2004, he graduated a master program (Faculty of Physics, Bucharest University) inside ”Atomic Interaction, Nuclear, Astrophysics, Elementary Particle and Application” department with paper ”A new theory of nuclear forces”.

Since october 2004, he work inside Scientifical Research Center for CBRN Defense and Ecology where I lead research in the field of: fundamental and applied chemistry and biochemistry; nanoparticles and nanostructured material science (stimulable nanoparticles; functionalized nanoparticles for decontamination applications; chemical and biochemical detection-identification; systems for biological and chemical decontamination). In the area of biochemical detection I initiate and developed innovative multi-task techniques for real time non-destructive detection of chemical and biological agents by using smart magnetically stimulable functionalized nanoparticles.

Over the last decade, my researches were focused-oriented in the area of smart nanostructured composite materials and smart functionalized nanoparticles. In 2011, he sustained his PhD thesis (inside the Faculty of Chemistry - University of Bucharest, department of Analytical Chemistry) entitled “The Obtaining and Functionalization of the Externally Stimulable Nanoparticles - Biochemical Cross-linking and Monitoring Carrier Supports”.

In 2013 I co-found SC Green WaterNanoTechnology together with other two associates. As CTO of SC Green WaterNanoTechnology he had extended his research in the area of Environmental Science as applied area of smart functionalized nanostructured materials: accordingly, I design new materials for the one-stage smart retention, degradation and encapsulation of large types and numbers of organic & inorganic pollutants coming from contaminated wastewaters.

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