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• Have 20 years of work experience in various fields of Geology Viz., Mining Geologist (1.6 years) and as Hydro-geologist (18.6 years). • Have got wider experience of working in Igneous, Metamorphic, Sedimentary and coastal regions of India for many a Hydro-Geological related studies/ projects. • Capacities to conduct Hydro-Geological and Geo-physical investigations through Electrical resistivity survey by profiling and V.E.S in different geological terrains. Orientation on Seismic survey has also been a sub-part of the jobs carried out. • Capacities to monitor works related to various types of drilling operations especially on DTH and rotary rigs and appropriate development of wells. • Supervision and involvement of well completion, Hydro chemical studies, Analysis of water samples and studies of their trace elements with special reference to heavy toxic metals. Bacteriological analysis of water samples and determination of water quality in relation to its use for drinking, irrigation and industrial purposes. • Capacities to conduct different types of logging(Sp, resistivity log(long and short normal), gamma log, neutron log, caliper log, density log, Temperature log etc) to delineate the fracture anomalies and initiation of well development plans by installation of perforated casing, plan for gravel packing as per the correlation of drill log, geological condition underneath and appropriate geo-physical logging outcome. etc. • Yield testing/pumping test of bore holes/wells for ensuring the pumping capacity of the well and delineation /evaluation of aquifer system and aquifer geometry and its yielding capacity by step draw down and continuous Discharge test. • Worked in both Granite and Limestone mines and are capable of handling core drilling and sampling, generation of mine plan, Reserve analysis, quality analysis, Environmental management and impact assessment study, Compensatory af-forestation and green field management etc. • Capacities to under take Basin wide management studies relevant to Watershed management. • Experience/Capacities in conducting mapping survey for various mineral deposits and effective quarry/Mines management. • Capacities to conduct soil sieve analysis and other Geo-Engineering tests like plasticity, penetration tests, etc. to delineate the bearing capacity of the formation. • Capacities to undertake Geological and hydro-geological interpretation study through Satellite/Remote sensing imageries/photo for deriving mining and Hydro-geological Data/derivatives. • Capacities and skills in artificial recharge systems and Rain water Harvesting. • Environmental Impact assessment studies (EIA) for statutory compliances. • Contaminant Hydro geological, Water Quality Monitoring and Management Studies. • Coordinating with clients, specialists, and consultants etc. Assessment of tenders & proposals and production of technical specifications/EOI etc. • Capacities to precisely Report & Document the outcome related to Geological and Geo-physical studies. • Capacity and skills to work in Team, sharing knowledge and further guiding the team for productive results and perfection of the project. Vigor for constant Upgrading of skills, with positive attitudes, behavior pattern and personal values to do hard work with commitment and clarity for organizational excellence. • The majority of Hydro-Geological projects / studies that which are carried out in the course of my tenure are for IL& FS ECOSMART, DHI, DANIDA, SDC, KSJS ( Netherland Govt. Supported), World Vision, CEPL, L@T, Jindal steels, GAIL INDIA, NALCO, Plan International, USAID, NABARD, Wateraid, ARGHYAM, CARE INDIA, CRS, ICCO, UNICEF, UNDP, Lutheran World Relief, MISERIOR, TROCIARE, CRS, CARITAS, OXFAM, EZE, ISNRMPO, Coca cola, Various State Government Viz., (Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Karnataka, U.P, M.P, Haryana, Himachal, Orissa, North Eastern States Etc) DRDO GWALIOR, CAPART, and for the MORD-Government of India related works). Qualified NABET accredited specialist for GEOLOGY and HYDROGEOLOGY 

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