Khan M Rahmatullah

Khan M Rahmatullah

Senior Engineer
National Engineering Services Pakistan
Lahore, PakistanGlobal citizen
Education: Masters

I am working as a Senior Engineer on world Bank funded Project in Sindh i.e. Water Sector improvement Project-1. The primary task of my work is to monitor the overall quality of civil works and to report to client. Nara canal Area Water board, Left Bank AWB and Gotki feeder AWB all minors and disty rehabilitation works are under my monitoring to report. The mega structure works on Nara canals included in my component. I had worked on many Irrigation  projects, including On Farm water management project. I am expert in water resources management projects and work on the design and implementation of water storage tanks, pre casted parabolic structures, retention dams, Kareezat improvement, Micro Bandat, Check Structures, Pipe water courses and High efficiency irrigation system i.e. micro irrigations and canals rehabilitation and construction. I had implemented multi donors Projects successfully and efficiently utilizes Funds in due time. I am well experienced in the implementation of the European Commission, Spanish, Belgium, Canadian, DFID,  US-AID, and Japan (JICA) funded Projects.

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