Heather Jepsen

Heather Jepsen

Operations Manager
EcoloBlue, Inc
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Bio: EcoloBlue, Inc. is the leader in atmospheric water production, and although we cannot solve the world’s drought problem, our technology will alleviate some of your drought stress and provide you with 99.9% pure water by using patented technology to harvest the moisture in the air and filtering it through a 12 stage process. EcoloBlue provides a solution to your water needs. EcoloBlue offers a sustainable product line with a major emphasis on renewable water filtration, purification and delivery. The EcoloBlue Industrial AWG’s produce from 250 to 6000 liters of water every day. They are all equipped with a new Programmable Logic Control (PLC) integration. Incorporating solar panels or a diesel generator will allow for water independence. EcoloBlue Industrial Units can be operated in a mobile or fixed environment. Custom configurations are available to fulfill greater water needs. The EcoloBlue 30™ Series are sleek, state-of-the-art atmospheric water generators (AWG) that eliminates reliance on municipal water systems, well water or any other standard water source. Air is the only water source required for the EcoloBlue 30™ Series Generators. Once it pulls humidity out of the air, it filters and purifies the water. The EcoloBlue 30™ Series Generators sustainably deliver a continuous supply of delicious, 99.9% pure water quietly, energy efficiently, without plastic bottles.

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