Francois Touchais

Francois Touchais

Legal officer
International Office for Water
FranceGlobal citizen
Education: Masters

Consulting, training and expertise in national, EU and international environmental law:

  • Integrated water resources management
  • Installations, structures, works and activities
  • Watershed management planning
  • Water quality, zones of protection, flood risk
  • Coastal protection, bathing, urban planning
  • Administration of water and sanitation services
  • Installations classified for environmental protection purposes, chemicals, basic nuclear installations


Legal assistance, institutional organization in environmental law, water law and local government law:

  • Water protection and resource management documents
  • Management of water and sanitation services, drafting of service agreements
  • Creation of multiple municipality structures


International expertise in EU water and environmental law and comparative law. Institutional twinning programs, legal assistance and consulting services :

  • Water Framework Directive and secondary law
  • Urban Waste Water Directive
  • Drinking Water Directive
  • Floods Directive
  • Fish and Shellfish Water Directives
  • Bathing Water Directive
  • Marine Strategy Framework Directive
  • Nitrates Directive
  • Biocidal Products and Pesticides Directives
  • EURATOM, REACH, CLP regulations, SEVESO Directive, IPPC Directive


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