Eric Wood

Eric Wood

Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Princeton University
Princeton, United StatesGlobal citizen

Professor Wood works in the areas of hydroclimatology with an emphasis on land atmospheric interactions, terrestrial remote sensing, and seasonal hydrologic climate forecasts, including land-climate teleconnections. His modeling focuses on the terrestrial water and energy balances and fluxes over a range of spatial and temporal scales, and his remote-sensing research focuses on estimating the hydrologic and energetic states of the terrestrial system, and on validating satellite retrievals on land surface states. These modeling and remote sensing activities are complemented through several field experiments in the U.S. and Canada.

Honors and Awards

  • 2011 Doctor Honoris Causa, Ghent University, Gent, Belgium
  • 2010 Fellow, Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE)
  • 2010 Jule G Charney Award, American Meteorological Society
  • 2007 John Dalton Medal, European Geosciences Union
  • 2001 Robert E Horton Lecturer in Hydrology, American Meteorological Society
  • 1996 Fellow, American Meteorological Society
  • 1993 Fellow, American Geophysical Union
  • 1980 Rheinstein Award, Princeton University
  • 1977 Robert E. Horton Award, Hydrology Section of the American Geophysical Union

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