Edgar Pirumyan

Edgar Pirumyan

YEREVAN, ArmeniaGlobal citizen
Education: PhD

I have graduated from three Universities – Yerevan State University, Yerevan University of Economics and Law after K.Kirkorian and Yerevan Northern University. These Universities I have graduated with degrees in Chemistry, Law, Economics and Management respectively. After graduation, I have gone to the post-graduate position in the chair of physical & colloid chemistry of the Yerevan State University. One of the main chapters and directions of my Ph.D. thesis were investigations in the field of water environment and natural waters behavior (including self-cleaning ability) as a consequence of natural disasters and ecologically non-normalized industry. As researching results were suggestions toward to the formation of ecologically safe industries. 

After Ph.D. thesis defense since 2001 I began to teach “Physical-Colloid Chemistry”, “The Ecological Survey”, “The Ecological Chemistry of Water Environment”, “The Ecological Policy” and “The Applied Ecology” disciplines in the Yerevan State University. I would like to note it was the first time that “The Ecological Policy” and “The Applied Ecology” disciplines have been taught in the Yerevan State University and entire programs of above-mentioned disciplines have been developed by me.

Along with teaching, I have started doing research in the field of the behavior of pollutants in the aquatic environment, as well as the ability to self-purification of natural waters in relation to the above-mentioned pollutants. Also, I was responsible for a series of thermo-chemical studies of the ISTC Project conducted at the Department of Physical and Colloid Chemistry of Yerevan State University.  

Since 1998 to the present I am the author and co-author of more than 40 scientific articles and 4 educational-methodological text-books and 7 patents included one of these as Stimulator of Plants Growth for agricultural needs.

In 2011 I got an Associate Professor in the field of Ecological Sciences.

From 2002 to the October of 2014 I have worked for the Ministry of the Nature Protection. During this period, I have been holding the executive positions demanding knowledge in different fields, including management and ecology. My responsibilities included joint cooperation with the colleagues of the other state bodies, NGOs, International Organizations etc. I am the author and co-author of numerous legislative acts, including laws, Government and Prime-Minister’s decrees, in the field of protection and management of natural resources such as Water Code, “On the national water policy”, “On the national water program” laws, numerous Government decrees, including “Development of minimal ecological water flows”, “Water quality standards” etc. Government decree on the minimal ecological water flows allows developing minimal water quantity remaining in rivers after all water intakes. These quantities of water allow releasing some ecological disasters as depletion of aquatic ecosystems. Government decree on water quality standards has been developed toward to EU Water Framework Directive demands.

During 12 years I have gained a sufficient experience with international organizations, such as USAID, OECD, UN, UNDP, GIZ, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, European Union, REC Caucasus, etc., for the implementation of different projects and participation in the various conferences, roundtables and meetings.

I have also participated in the project implementation “On the Transboundary Water Protection and Use” as Drafting Group Member under the umbrella of the Convention of UNECE. The main goal of this project was developing the guidance for an effective and sustainable management of water resources as a result of climate change. As a result of this project Guidance “Water and Climate Change” has been published.

I successfully completed more than 10 courses and trainings in the fields of natural resources management, IT skills, sound chemicals management etc.

Almost 4 years, I have been working for the Ministry of Nature Protection as Head of the Staff that brought me a huge experience related to the organization of daily tasks of the governmental body and coordination of the staff (more than 400 people). I was also responsible for the financial reporting of the ministry. Besides that I have coordinated different projects as intergovernmental, so international. During the period of ministerial working I have also effectively and useful coordinated a team work of many important tasks of the Government, Parliament, International obligations and responsibilities etc. In order to perform all these projects I have coordinated a work of more than 1240 servants (the quantity of all servants of the Ministry).

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