Donatus Uzour

Donatus Uzour

Community Water and Sanitation
Cranfield University Bedfordshire
Nunhead, United KingdomGlobal citizen
Education: Masters

I have interest in the research and practical application of technologies and approach that impact on water membrane and infrastructural development. Models that bring significant value to water supply, sanitation and hygiene improvement to the urban, peri urban and rural environment, with personal focus on how to alleviate the problems associated with bad sanitary infrastructures and environmental sustainability in weak economies. Aspire to be at the core of sanitarians work as we respond to water, food and energy challenges brought about by demographic and climate change in these societies. Worked in a water source engineering project “evaluating, designing and implementation of gravity fed water supply and borehole for village communities”, Worked on the “re-establishment of traditional latrines in post war Kabul, Afghanistan” and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation study of “Core areas of investments in water, sanitation and health promotion (WS&H) focusing on vulnerable groups; children, women, girls and acutely ill”
Worked on properties prior to my involvement in water, discerning infrastructural planning to identify optimal industrial and commercial location, and the development of residential, retail, offices and R&D complexes. Work on the regeneration of a large run down South East London estates, and on Poland’s infrastructural development aimed at attracting inwards investment. Work on the financial assimilation and valuation of properties as well as on numerous areas in built environment sector.
In addition to my experience of natural and physical environment, I have over 8 years’ experience in public and private administration among rich mix of people from several ethnicities, diverse origins and cultures, enhancing my tactfulness, perseverance and self-motivation, where I adapted style and content to the level of knowledge and understanding of both small and large groups by illustrating information clearly and confidently.

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