Didier Perez

Didier Perez

Founder and General Director
PT P.I.P.A. (Pran Indo Permata Abadi)
Jakarta, IndonesiaGlobal citizen
Education: Masters

French-born entrepreneur, currently living in Indonesia since 1996, I have a special understanding of the complexities and paradoxes of water issues the country is facing. 
I specialise setting-up and implementing water losses management and water efficiency strategies for public water utilities, private sector water users and rural communities. 
I Promote technological innovations as key components of sustainable development. 
Water resource management and demand management forming a central component of Water sustainability, I focused over the last 15 years on water losses management and re-addressing production and consumption balance challenges.
I lead a wide range of water initiatives promoting technology associated to capacity building, advocacy and governance initiatives towards water efficiency. My network covers Ministries, public and private water utilities, Bi-lateral and multi-lateral donors,  big water users, NGOs and CSR lead communities.
Bringing together professionals concerned with environmental issues, involving them in Water-Energy nexus, I designed miscellaneous water efficiency projects that lead to Award-winning performances.
From irrigation and desalination challenges, to the rehabilitation of a city water supply network, I specialised on water losses management. My partnership with dozens Public water utilities, clearly allows me now to address a more business-focused approach focusing on private sector and industries, and propose solutions to any stakeholder concerned by water security challenges, while encouraging social solidarity.
After rising through the ranks of Environment sustainability, my ambition is to lead Indonesian society towards the fast-moving green economy to the full through technology, social commitment and financial benefit

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