david amir

david amir

Herzliya, IsraelGlobal citizen
Education: Masters


david@BioPetroClean.com  +972.54.7800821,  Yossef Nedava 14/3 Herzliya, Israel

David Amir – Has over 25 years of experience in international business operations and innovative entrepreneurship.

Carrier milestones:

At this stage, and in parallel to my position as CEO at BioPetroClean LTD, I am writing a book that presents my personal perspective on Leadership & Management

Over the last eight years - CEO & Founder of BPC (BioPetroClean LTD). (a Cleantech startup in the field of waste water bioremediation), founded in 2006. BPC completed its technology breakthrough and is at the “early revenue” stage.

Prior to that David served about 18 years in various positions in the printing business also as:

  • CEO of Nur MacroPrinters Ltd. (A Nasdaq company with over $60 Million annual turnover and three subsidiaries: Europe, USA and the far east)
  • VP business development for Scitex Corporation Ltd.
  • VP operations for Scitex Europe Corporation. (manages all the operational & service aspects for Scitex all over Europe)
  • Founder and CEO of  Paspartoo Ltd., a software/Internet startup that provided a web platform for high quality printing

After completing my mission at NUR David have started to seed several technologies, among them he Co-founded:

  • ELTICS LTD, a technology startup developing a protection system (against guided missiles and thermal vision) for military armed vehicles. ( www.eltics.co.il
  • Ocyrho – A software technology that aimed at revolutionizing the IT  application market
  • TrekinYou – An Internet application for sharing photos and trips
  • BPC – (www.biopetroclean.com) a startup that developed a breakthrough method for Industrial waste water bio-treatment and managed to establish a decent installed base

David has extraordinary skills for Operational management and entrepreneurship

Graduated the Electronics faculty at the Technion in Haifa, Israel

David speaks fluent Hebrew, English & Spanish 

Resume file: david_amir_cv.pdf

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