Ashley Price

Ashley Price

Managing Consultant/Director
Global Hydro Water Management Solutions
Education: Masters

Ashley is a water management professional and hydrogeologist with extensive experience in Australia, Mongolia and China with additional experience in Kazakhstan and Liberia. Ashley has spent time with both regulatory agencies and consultancies, over which time he has had opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects across a range of environments and a range of sectors.

As a consultant, Ashley has worked on and managed numerous water related projects, undertaking a range of hydrogeological and water management studies for resource developments and related infrastructure projects such as railways, roads and ports. Projects have included large scale water supply investigations, from scoping level through to feasibility, and assessment of water management issues relating to dewatering, water disposal and tailings storage facilities. Ashley also has experience in the preparation of detailed monitoring reports and groundwater operating strategies for submission to regulatory agencies. 

Prior to joining the private sector, Ashley worked with the West Australian Government – Department of Water in the Pilbara Region. His work there included the use of regulatory processes to develop positive water management outcomes for stakeholders across the region in relation to large scale private and state development projects. Ashley’s work also included assessment of hydrogeological and monitoring reports for proposed and existing mining and mining related projects and assessment of water related aspects of environmental impact assessments submitted for regulatory approval.

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