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rajasegar radhakrishnan

I want to know is there any study conducted for the impact of quantity nd quality of deep aquifers due to various deep borewells. in our area there are many aquifers at various depths. Farmers are drilling deep borewells by slotted pipes interconnecting the various aquifers. They tap water from the deep borewells as shallow wells may not yeild during lean season. The density of borewells are about 400/sq.km.

My question is by these borewells will there be Any recharge to the deep aquifers from shallow aquifers during monsoon period. If there is any recharge will it help to recover the depletion of ground water. Thanks in advance

Andrea Lamberti
Andrea Lamberti Groundwater and River Resources Action Programme at the European Scale
rajasegar radhakrishnan

In Indian cities treated water ffom municipal sewage is let out ingo sea or surface water bodies. In the emerging water crisis the govdrnment should seriously think to treat further and either to reuse or rechargd.

The technology has become very competetive that its. Possible to use membrane for large volume. Filteration at cheaper cost

Sanjay Aggarwal
Sanjay Aggarwal We have the necessary technologies to recycle wastewater for non-potable re-use
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