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The biotechnological system “Biological Pit " lyseconcept functions according to the principle of the Biological breakdown of the organic matter by biological micro process in state “Aerobic” total and activated within a concept. The device consists of several concrete pits “Biological Pit” supplied with gravity, one flowing in the following one, the entering effluent pushes the outgoing effluent, for a time of minimum transit estimated between 10 and 12 days on the whole of the site of purification. The number of people connected to the device defines the volume of treatment, that Ci determining the number of “Biological Pit” to install. The number of “Biological Pit” is calculated according to the origin of the effluents and its volume to be treated. The performance épuratoire of a “Biological Pit” is of approximately 40%. The primary pits receive a compact organic load, the secondary pits reçoivant a surbedded organic mass, technicality is adapted to the effluent in entry. According to this principle and by an exponential effect one obtains a rate of purification of more than 95% at exit of the process “Biological Pit " lyseconcept. The whole of these data enables us to affirm that the device does not produce organic mud residues. The process “Pit Biological " lyseconcept is equipped with two specificities which maintain for one, a certain temperature interns constant, for the other a stable and permanent “Aerobic” state. 14 parameters “biological” are activated in the system, some being suractivateurs bacterial. The mineral residues which settle at the bottom of the “Biological Pit” are evacuated regularly, without draining, by a specificity developed by lyseconcept, the “Biological Clearing out”. The process “Pit biological " lyseconcept is recipient of the concept of cleansing biological. It starts in the habitat in the form of a teaching action with adhesion with “biology attitude”, and ends in an awakening of the environment, on the vegetable discharge system. Adhesion with biology attitude removes the use of toxic domestic products containing micro pollutant chemical. This respect in the daily use of water produces a “Biological” waste water effluent, which treated by a “biological” process, gives purified water rejection a “Biological”. This purified water is evacuated by dispersion on the ground on the surface towards a zone which is used as discharge system. This principle remains in the continuity of biological treatment of purification of the process “Biological Pit " lyseconcept. Indeed that enables us to obtain water 20% which evaporate (effluent interns whose T° borders the 16°) the remainder 80%, infiltrate in the topsoil of surface absorptive by the plants. The latter prolong the biological treatment puiqu' they will eliminate a specific pollution from waste waters (mugs up, nitrate, phosphate, nitrogenizes, urea, ammonia, etc). This result of the concept fertilizes the topsoil, supports the development of the biodiversity of surface and preserves a rare resource water. It removes the pollution of under ground and the water tables. A biotechnology innovating for a natural performance épuratoire out of commun run, of approximately 98%.

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