Conductivity System Detects Corrosion

The Mettler Toledo Thornton DCC1000 System offers a new design for conductivity measurement for power cycle chemistry monitoring 

This system provides assurance of water purity to maximize power production and minimize corrosion, the company says.

High purity water is used in the water/steam cycle in power generation and maintaining its purity is essential to ensure that sensitive equipment such as turbines are not damaged by contaminants.

The DCC1000 Degassed Cation Conductivity System for use in pure water applications in power plants will help technicians make the best decisions for increasing load as well as for plant operations, the company says.

“Monitoring corrosive contaminants is very important at all stages of power plant operation; while starting up the plant, monitoring these contaminants can ensure the water quality is adequate for bringing the plant online, and in a running plant, monitoring power steam quality can ensure contaminant limits specified in turbine warranties are met,” says Akash Trived, Mettler Toledo Thornton global product manager.

Source: Environmental Leader

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