Johnson & Johnson Aims More Water Sustainability

Pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson reduced its carbon emissions in 2014, but the firm is close to missing its 2015 water consumption target

In its annual Citizenship and Sustainability report, Johnson & Johnson reported it had realised a 9.6% absolute reduction in facility CO2 emissions since 2010 and a 19% reduction in its fleet emissions per mile, nearly meeting its 2015 Healthy Future targets.

The multinational had also increased onsite clean and renewable energy capacity to more than 50MW, representing around 7% of the company’s energy requirements.

However, the report also suggested the firm was struggling to meet its water reduction targets, finding a slight increase in water use from 2013.

The firm has achieved a 2.3% reduction in overall water use since 2010, some way off meeting its aim of a 10% absolute reduction by 2015. The report added the increase in water use was being partly driven by moving production in-house.

Source: Edie

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