DHI Slovakia wins nationwide flood mapping project

DHI Slovakia has been awarded a countrywide flood mapping project. Working with DHI Czech Republic, DHI Slovakia will be responsible for the hydrodynamic modelling for the 16-month 'Flood hazard and flood risk mapping of water courses in Slovakia' project.

The production of flood hazard and flood risk maps is a requirement of both national as well as European legislation. We’re helping the Slovak Republic meet this requirement by carrying out hydrodynamic modelling using 126 models covering 2,680 km of watercourses.

We’ll primarily use two-dimensional (2D) modelling technology, including our MIKE 21 FM (part of our MIKE by DHI software). This will allow us to take advantage of fast simulations thanks to parallel computing.

Stengl A.S. will use our results to produce and publish flood hazard and flood risk maps for 559 towns, villages and settlements across the country. The maps will then be used for flood risk management planning aimed at reducing damages from flooding.

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