What is the Availability of Real-Time and Online Ecoli Detection Solutions?


We are looking for a solution that helps us to detect eColi in surface waters, hands-off or online, ie a system we can install and leave alone. We would like to get the results online and view this via a mobile device.

Does anybody know where to find this?





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mark van delden
Thanks all for your answers. We looked at all products and found the approach of VWM, v-w-m.at, very interesting. When i find teh time i will get back with some test results of the Coliminder product.
michelle arroyo
Mark, Hi. We believe we have a related challenge and solution based on what you're looking for and you will be able to crowd source more about this topic through the technology Marketplace. In there, you will be able to follow the topic "Real time monitoring of microbial indicators including parasites". Visit https://www.innovationinterchange.com/products/marketplace
Paola Foladori
Hi Mark,
we developed recently a method based on flow cytometry to detect viable cells and coliforms (based on beta-D-galactosidase) as surrogate parameters of cultivation methods which can be completed in 40 min. Our results are going to be published in the next weeks. The methods based on flow cytometry could be amenable of automation but a such system is not yet available.
Bye. Paola
Robert Keville
AMDS is in development of ToxicAlert. ToxicAlert will detect chemicals and e-coli, cryptosporidium, and other micro organisms to low ppb levels in 30 seconds utilizing our proprietary methodology with either solar battery power or line voltage. In addition ToxicAlert will email results to any number of locations worldwide. This is an in-situ process control system that does not require consumables, self calibrates, and does not require an operator. It is plug and play. This instrument is scheduled for release Q4 2015. For more information contact: ddietrich@amdsinc.com
Sabah A A Jassim
We have developed phage reporter "Q&Q" for E.coli. The detection time within 70 min.
papiha thomas
That's interesting, share the details pl.
Tammy James
Hi Mark , I truly believe that solar and Lunar energy are the way to go . My first step was to see if I could make something that could and would help the Solar Industry why making consumers trust ability but using a secondary source of power and ensuring the future environment this I have a accomplished , my patent should coming out this year were it has be lock up of three years USPO . Which has giving me time to think , if I can do this for the birds in the air why can I not use this for the fish in the sea , by chambers of illumination generating power . Thank you for your time Tammy James
Richard  Fishman
Using magnesium oxide beads in water container will remove Ecoli from drinking water. Get magnesium oxide from www.PrillyPureWater.Net
Jeremiah Masime
Automatic Online Measuring Device for near real-time detection of E. Coli / Coliforms. The BACTcontrol detects the presence of bacteria - including E.Coli and coliforms - in water. The online monitoring is based on an Enzymatic reaction that makes the bacteria visible for fluorescence detection.

By using automated, highly sensitive methods for the detection of tracer enzymes for fecal contamination (Β-Glucuronidase and Β-Galactosidase), test results are obtained 2 hours after taking the sample (sampling cycle 0.5 - 2 h, depending on sample volume). Classical microbiological methods require at least 18 h (quick tests), typically 24 - 48 h for standard laboratory tests.
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