Mapping Tools for water and sanitation infrastructure.


We are trying to map our existing water and sanitation (WASH) infrastructure facilities. I am not a GIS expert but we are constantly suggested that we should use GIS and other tools for mapping this data. I am not sure how to do that, is there any online simple user friendly web- based tools which can enable geographical representation of data? This mapping will help us formulate our priorities for the WASH project.

Have you ever worked with these tools? What are your feedback?



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Contact : Mr Paul Wung
Skype ID: paulwung.mandate
mohammad reza eslami
actually ı have developed a web based gis based application for wastewater betwork.
my email
Ahmed Baraka
If I understand your question..that you don't have any maps..and trying to map from the beginning...if so..then you have to get help from the workers,the technicians...any other as built drawings for all of the projects.........then you can use any version of GIS used in the ministries of the country....and why I'm saying used,,is that many times the companies of GIS give you specifications and tools for the software that doesn't work direct contracting with an expert is better of buying a useless version
Satendra Pal Singh
so many tools use for water and sanitation in to the infrastructure.such as particle counter and others
depend on required cleanliness of infrastructure.
Mr Jatin Chaudhary is working on mapping a public toilet, you can contact him on or +918733838470
Subrata Singh
An easy and simple solution would be to use 'my track' on the android platform to collect the information. It can take point information as well as in a track format with facilities of taking photographs.

the data can be transferred on to Google earth as kml files and can be seen and stored (locally or on cloud)
Can Ertekin
I suggest Quantum GIS and its tools.
Tafë  Veselaj
Previously, preferred to have the coordinates from GPS,,that is important. If you are not GIS expert, maybe will be difficult to prepare map for this issues. I suggest to use Water Point Mapper
Matthew Alfred
WaterPoint Mapper looks the best but check out this paper on Mapping and Managing Potable Water Infrastructure Assets,
Heinrich Muller
Please send me your contact telephone number and I will help u
Seeram Dathathreya
I Seeram G.Dathathreya, worked as Chief Geophysicist and retd. I am experience in the field of Ground water exploration by latest methods, and mineral exploration.I ALSO strongly recommend water point mapper.asa strongly recommended by ShriHeinrich Multer.
bob ted
I strongly suggest to use Water Point Mapper, this is a free online tool developed by Wateraid. The Mapper is intended to offer a quick way to get up to speed with the process of Water Point Mapping and sector performance monitoring. It is aimed at water, sanitation, hygiene practitioners and local government staff working at district, sub-district and village levels. Its simple to use. We used it last time for our project. while using if you can any problem, write me.
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