Leakage Management System


We have a huge project where we have laid more than 800 km of distribution water pipe lines and we are looking at cost effective leakage management system available in the market. Can anyone suggest solutions?  Thank you!



Andrea Delogu
Hi my name is Andrea Delogu, CEO and founder of Blue Gold, and I am sure we can help you. Blue Gold provides information services to water utility companies in order to reduce operational costs and optimize service performance.
Using own sophisticated algorithms and advanced hydraulic models Blue Gold analyzes and interprets data from installed flow and pressure meters on the water distribution network to
1. Accurate locating the water leakage area to be repaired based on priority
2. Provide the proper pressure level in the pump station to maintain service standards in the network
3. Identify the pipes with the highest “energy consumption” which need substitution

Thanks to our cloud platform, we can provide our innovative services all over the world.
I will be more than happy to discuss with you the details of your network to better understand how we can help you.
Best regards
Water Network Research
You may get some good contacts from the speakers/organizers of this Leakage Summit conference (WRC) http://www.global-leakage-summit-2015.com/15/workshop/203/workshop/
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