How to estimate the Ecological Value of a small irrigation reservoir?


What is the best way to quickly estimate the ecological value of a small irrigation tank (reservoir) without field studies? Are there some existing thumb rules that can be used? I am investigating the effect of negative water quality to aquatic life and downstream water pollution control. I am looking for your expert inputs on the topic. 



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Dr. Soltani reza
You can use a number of extra-market valuation methods such as contingent valuation or travel cost methods.
Veronika Vasilev
To understand ecosystem services it is useful to evaluate the types of benefits provided by lakes, ponds, and reservoirs. A non-exhaustive list of benefits is presented and more information is available, you may like to consider this website for your study
Vasudev Shirahatti
On similar lines, can one calculate the ecological score of rain water harvesting ?
lyseconcept jean Marius
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Dans le concept d'Assainissement Biologique des eaux usées, nous analysons visuellement le contenu de l'effluent à chaque étape de son passage dans le procédé "Fosse Biologique"lyseconcept en effectuant un prélèvement.
Le réservoir est il ouvert? l'odeur ? le liquide au travers du récipient est il clair ou trouble? Y a t il de la vie ? Y a t il des matières en suspension?
La recherche principale: l'eau est elle Biologique?

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In the concept of Biological Wastewater Treatment, we visually analyze the content of the effluent at each stage of its passage through the process "Organic Fosse" lyseconcept by performing a sampling.
The reservoir is open? Odor? liquid through the receptacle is it clear or cloudy? Y t there life? Y t he suspended matter?
The main research: water is it organic?

Laurent Selles
Dear Goden,
Addressing your point seriously requires a bit more information. The ecological value of a reservoir (water conservation strategy) is linked to many parameters: size of reservoir, cost of reservoir, material used to build it, type of water pipes, needed land space, cost of land, expected water quality, type of irrigation, type of soil, type of crop, water demand in quantity, price of water, evaporation ratio, price of electricity per kWh, etc...
Ready to help whehn you are ready,
Good luck,
Goden Mabaya
Thank you, bob!
Justin Sharaf
Mabaya, Greetings from Phildelphia!
Right there is Japan, where , ESPECIALLY IN EQUATIC PROTOCOLS and GREEN HOUSES, THE WATER IRRIGATION IS COMPUTER CONTROLLED; tO the Fish nurseries and to THE BASE OF EVERY PLANT; The water with its neutriants is very careully channeled in from resevoirs. My technology has been used very successfully in Japan both for Aquatic Nurseries, in Aquariums and Agricultural purposes............................even to the point of utilizing Domestic Urine rich water for agriculture use. If it intertests you, I can give you the pointers and the people in Japan to contact. If it is your pleasure, you may even write to me at: Regards, Justin
bob ted
Mabaya see this research paper can help you, Modeling climate change impacts on the thermal dynamics of polymictic Oneida Lake, New York, United States -
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