How to design MBBR and ASP system with nitrification and denitrification process in a Waste water treatment system?

Dear friends,
I need inputs for designing Waste water system. The Waste water details are -  flow 500 m3/day, BOD 300 ppm, Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen (TKN) 400 ppm and NH3 300 ppm. We need to have treated results as BOD 10 ppm and NH3 10 ppm.
We want to go for following methods:
1. Denitrification (Anoxic tank) + BOD removal (Aeration tank) + Nitrification for nitrogen removal tank ----- in Activated Sludge Process (ASP)

2. Denitrification (Anoxic tank)+ BOD removal (Aeration tank) + Nitrification for nitrogen removal tank-----in Moving Bed Bio Reactor (MBBR)

I need inputs for the following,
1. How to reduce  BOD, TKN, NH3 levels?
2. How to calculate the MBBR and Nitrification tank volume ?
3. How to estimate required tank volume for ASP process and nitrification ?
4. How to calculate the air requirement for the process ?
I need to know all these design calculations for my existing work.
Thank you.



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Milind Kulkarni
You can select ASP or MBBR. The later is a modern treatment and requires lesser hydraulic retention time. As a rule of thumb, if you provide hydraulic retention time of aeration tank more (say by one third), it will take care of nitrification-denitrification. But the effluent should be biodegradable i.e. BOD to COD ratio should be more than 0.5. Regarding air requirement, it depends on BOD/COD loading. I suggest you can go for software like ETPSOFT03 or ADTREATSOFT02 which will help you in designing.
Mahmood Ghaheri
My Dear Colleague:You did n't mention the simplest datum required which is the COD over BOD ratio to see if biological treatment is a good choice.
Ademar Cesar Ferreira
To make a design of such system requires know how and expertise and it will take several hours to do so. It is not a single answer. probably you have first to remone NH3 and then you have to verify if your relation DBO/TKN will allow you to have a denitrification. After that you can design it as ASP, MBBR, considering some local conditions and technologies available. It is necessary more data for designing this specific system.
lyseconcept jean Marius
Ok for the waste water 500m3 to treat.
Which is the origin of their production? Domesticity, industrialist, restoration?
How much people produce these waste water 500m3?
These waste waters come they from a system gathering the collection of waste waters of a zone:
- Rural?
- Urban?
Are the 500m3 they final or they will grow bigger in time?
Can one estimate that it is the production of a residential area of 5000 people approximately?

Keith Freitas
Earth Worm Filtration Beds
Satendra Pal Singh
Design of MBBR,ASP,NITRIFICATION AND DE NITRIFICATION depend on effluent water quality. first of all
you check 28 test of effluent water after that you can think design of waste water treatment. MBBR AND ASP both are not required at a time. ASP is old system MBBR is next level waste water treatment system but more expensive.
Sameer Dohare
Could you please share the initiative, taken by you, for the said statement.
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