Help needed in choosing a software for designing a sewage treatment plant


We are planning to design a sewage treatment plant for a small community.We need help in choosing a software for designing this plant. If you know any best suited free software for deigning sewage tretmant plant with below details please let us know.

Details for estimating the plant capacity: Population: 1500, water distibuted daily from the community tank : 420000 liters, No industries arround only househlod and shops. We have data like water acidity (at different soursesc), turbidity, PH, alkalinity, chloride content etc. We are looking for FREE softwares which can desigh a STP depending on this much of data only. Thanks in advance.



Maqbool Hussain
The data you have is for the potable water being used. for designing sewage treatment plant, I believe you will need data related to the sewage that you want to treat. The applicable effluent discharge standards will determine the parameters for which the sewage should be analyzed. At least, you would require flow, BOD5, COD, pH, alkalinity. You will also need TN, NO3 and NH4 etc if nitrogen removal is also required.

You may use the data from the available sewage characteristics from similar existing communities if you do not have resources to perform the analysis.

I would suggest your team member who has knowledge of sewage treatment processes can develop your own design calculation sheet on Excel using the procedure given in the literature such as Metcalf & Eddy book because the flow is not so big and the treatment process should not be very complex.

You may be also able to download some activated sludge system design calculations sheet from the internet by Google search.

Biowin and Stoat can be used provided that you wish to boy the software. You might also need training how to use them.
jeremy dudley
For FREE software your choice is limited. There is STOAT - see links above.

if you wish to restrict yourself to activated sludge only then you can add the Modelica Wastewater treatment library, which will require that you learn to use Modelica; there is SSSP, which should be downloadable from Clemson University's website; and there is a simple steady-state program called STEADY, from another US university - not sure of the name.

I see references above to TEKLA and WATPLANT, which I have not heard of, and BIOWINE, which I think is Biowin - which is not free. You could rent at c. $2,000 for a year. SASSPRO is also not free. A quick web search suggests that TEKLA is intended to assist with the CAD stage of the design, while WATPLANT all I could find was a training course held in 2009.

With the data that you indicate there is NO software that will assist you.

For designing sewage treatment you should be looking at BOD as a minimum; ammonia and TKN, if you need to remove nitrogen; and phosphorus, if you wish to remove phosphorus. You will also need flow and temperature. Your national design standards should suggest suitable values to use for water flow, BOD, ammonia, etc., given the population that you are treating.

You then need to decide what technology you wish to model.

If you wish to look at reed beds then there are no models readily implemented, BUT reed beds are commonly designed on rules of thumb. I don't know the values for ?India?; I can give you values for the UK, but this is a colder climate, and you probably need less.

If you wish to model activated sludge or trickling filters give STOAT a try. If you want UASBs then you may have some success with STOAT - one user reported problems, but I don't have the details yet to work out what went wrong. With these processes you have additional operational complexity (maybe not for trickling filters - but I don't know what is the malarial risk involved), and so you may be looking at a staffed sewage works.

if you go to the IWA Wiki you will find that they have made free to download various books on sewage treatment in the tropical environment. If you have limited data you may find that this is the best approach - the traditional hand calculation design procedures.

Dear Sabak,

You are looking free software, so you can follow any open source GIS software and you can generate a models using python as per your requirements.
Ned Marco
STOAT - Dynamic Modelling of Wastewater Treatment Plants as you are looking out for a small and free software.
Sooka Andrew Geoffrey
You can try the link below - may be you can get something:
Neal Van Milligen
An alternative system would be to use advanced solids separation technology followed by gasification of the separated solids to produce clean water from the effluent.
Joao Junior
LagoaCalc, to stabilization lagoon systems. Was my Master degree project. Based on book:
lyseconcept jean Marius
the biological cleansing

a biotechnological concept which removes the Sewage treatment plant of waste waters and the infrastructure of collecting system
the CEBRE Centers Biological purification and of ecological recycling of waste waters

Sanjeeb Mohapatra
Sanjeeb Mohapatra
Mohamed Hesham El Desouky
you can use software called SASSPR (
George Laszlo
Use TEKLA, just make sure it is your national standard environment
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