Is Electro-Fenton process for wastewater treatment is suitable economically and technically for small winery unit?


Dear friends we are having a small winery (the capacity of 2500-3000 tonne/year grape crush). As we are located in the rural part of country so we don't have issue with the large area needed for the lagoon type of waste water treatment system. The main of advantage of lagoon type of system is their simplicity to build and operate. But we have 90% waste water treatment load in 3 months of the year only. And the mail issue with lagoons are the greater detention time. We are planning to have a switch over for a new system and technology for our winery if they are economical and easy to replace. I been reading a lot about electro-Fenton process these days. Do you think it is feasible to have this technology in use for our small unit?



Eitan Sharir
AOP is the last option, you want to see in the rural area, think about solids removal followed by a MBBR, there is a good solution to run it only for 3 month and then quick restart it the next year.
Peter K.
As we know some of the Organic compound, especially aromatic compound is the main pollutant in industrial effluent. Electro Fenton is one of the powerful and environmentally friendly technologies
for the remediation of wastewaters containing organic, especially aromatic compounds.
Saraha  Feble
For a small unit not advisable to have a switch from existing to this one, its very complicated. Rather look out for some different one. May be the one which is most common in your area.
Petro Alamanso
thank you everyone for the wonderful inputs, I am analyzing them and will use the best suited one. Cheers!!
Judith  Braker
Clos du Bois Winery, located in California’s Wine Country, has tested some new Advanced Sustainable Wastewater Treatment System For Food & Beverage Industry called EcoVolt. You may see eatils about it on their website and checkout that option as well.
Water Network Research
Hi Judith, would be great if you would be willing to share more details about what you found worked well with EcoVolt.
Jamie Skolnik
Good alternative for the waste water having generated from winery. But i feel that getting a change for a small unit is not feasible any how.
eros Kaw
no. it is too messy. too expensive.
lyseconcept jean Marius
it should not be confused wastewater and residue crushed grapes.
I have a very interesting solution to this problem which avoids any need more treatment and release into the environment. moreover the water load and material is mastered immediately.
Shahid Chaudhry
Petro, I think solar powered laminar flow water circulators should solve your problem. The water circulators move DO rich top layer water to the bottom of the lagoon where water is short of DO thus enhancing organics biodegradation process resulting in shortening the detention time. I am familiar with two brand names available in the market – Solar Bee (USA) and ResMix (Australia); there might be few other brand names in the market. The technology really works and I am familiar with many applications; but you should do your due diligence and communicate with the suppliers for better price and performance guarantees. Any questions, please feel free to drop me an email. All my best.
Shahid Chaudhry (
lyseconcept jean Marius
je viens m'ajouter à ces offres diverses
l'Assainissement Biologique/ l'objectif sera de récuperer l'eau en sortie du procédé "Fosse Biologique "lyseconcept pour un usage d'arrosage immédiat soit de la biodiversité végétalisée soit le jardin potager. le site pilote est modulable en fonction de la quantité d'effluent à épurer et surtout de son contenu. me joindre sur ma boite émail pour de la documentation et un devis estimatif:
Rick Wadley
We have a process that treats all forms of waste water by distillation and separation.
The 7.5kw unit processes 5 ltrs per second. Solids are treated to a fine dry pathogen free powder and the water to fully treated( distilled.)
The machine creates a sonic boom during process.
Foot print 2500 x 2500 x 1000.
A very simple process without complex filters and zero chemicals.
For more data please send me an email
Rick Wadley
Vortex Water

can you send me the details for technology, we required to treat 1 MLD sewage,
send me email on
Silvia Lopez
@ Rick, this is very interesting will this system suits to dying industry waste ? Do you have some material available online?
Rick Wadley
Hi Silvia,
We do not have a website established as yet.
My background is 24 years in water and waste water, primarily municipal and heavy industry.
I have developed a system that is user friendly and simple.
I can send you data via email if you would like it.
Rick Wadley
Ademar Cesar Ferreira
I think that best solution is using biological treatment. Selection of process has to be made with more information.
Yusheng Lum
electro-Fenton process is powerful for degrading most organic compounds including toxic and non-biodegradable ones, and so has attracted great attention. Especially for the food and beverage industry as here organic compound, especially aromatic compound is the main pollutant in industrial effluent. Conventional wastewater treatment processes are inefficient for the removal of these types of toxic and hazardous pollutants from wastewater. Electro Fenton is one of the powerful and environmentally friendly emerging technologies for the remediation of wastewaters containing organic, especially aromatic compounds.
Do you mind sharing the details of waste water like ph etc ? But i think switching from existing system is quite expensive..
Rashed Alsaed
Andres, please may you send me more technical info about the electro-fenton process/system you are running. My email:
Andres Pena Pena
Petro these days electro-penton is really catching attention and we are using the technology for our waste water treatment plant. For lagoon system you need to install some filters etc if you wish to use the water for irrigation purpose. the technology is costly but it will increase your capacity of treatment. You can contact us for any further assistance
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