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Proteus® Systems: stops hard water from corroding plumbing; stops lead from leaching into drinking water; saves water pipes, as thin as a quarter inch, from replacement and solves the national water shortage crisis.  

Proteus Systems has, and can, provide the following solutions: 

  • No Harsh Chemicals: Office building Chief Engineer Luther Larson’s skepticism faded after thoroughly testing Proteus Systems. The many benefits he and his crew now enjoy include pipes, fixtures, boiler tubes and water heaters that work for long periods of time; they can focus on critical emergencies; and they don’t need the harsh chemicals they used to use. Proteus Systems are a win-win-win for his crew, the tenants and the environment. 

  • Long-lasting Systems: School district boiler maintenance man Mike James used to have to crawl into boilers to scrape and chisel corroded components… Now he just admires the gleaming boiler tubes and the school district he works for saves thousands of dollars every year. Since Proteus Systems were installed, the district hasn’t had to replace even one tube. Periodic cleanup takes five minutes instead of hours. 

  • Low Maintenance: Laundry plant maintenance manager Jim Calles hasn’t lost a boiler tube or used harsh cleaning chemicals for eleven years since Proteus Systems were installed. Water testing on each shift has been slashed from over an hour to ten minutes. Their huge steam boiler, rated at 35,000 pounds per hour, accomplishes 100 percent of its job at about 60 percent of its capacity, which translates to easier maintenance and longer life expectancy for the whole system. 

  • Lead Abatement: The San Francisco Unified School District was experiencing a high level of lead in their potable water as well as several plumbing breakdowns in the mechanical rooms due to corrosion. 16 Proteus units were installed in various schools. After 3 months, test results showed lowered lead levels to less than 15 ppm, reduced corrosion and lower energy use.

  • Corrosion Control: With the current water crisis, pressure is being put on water users to cut back on their water usage. Because of water conservation, city plumbing systems are getting less water pumped through the sewer pipes than they were designed to handle and this causes the pipes to corrode. To prevent the sewer pipes from rusting, plumbing engineers are pushing more water through the pipes to prevent the corrosion and causing more water to be used, when the original intention was to save water. Proteus units could stop the corrosion from occuring; thereby preventing more water from being wasted to keep the pipes rust free. 

By actively and passively delivering our special form of dietary magnesium, not only does the system neutralize lead, it also provides a fine coating inside your pipes that prevents corrosion, rust, and electrolytic degeneration. The resulting precipitation of beneficial dietary magnesium in water from the tap provides a commonly deficient dietary mineral.

Features and Benefits:

  • Cost Effectiveness Conditioning large volumes of residential, commercial and industrial water at up to 75% or more savings versus other chemical water treatments. 
  • Dependability Completely automatic: No "hit or miss" chemical treatments. 
  • Easy Maintenance No down time is required due to an incorporated system bypass. 
  • Long Service Life The Proteus® nickel housing is virtually indestructible with normal usage when the magnesium core is replaced every 60-365 days. 
  • Longer Equipment Life Extends the life of expensive operating equipment such as water heaters, ice-making machines, dishwashers & laundry equipment. 
  • Adaptability Whether hot or cold water, soft water or buildup from hard water, there is a suitable Proteus® system to fit your needs. 

Proteus® Systems are easily installed and serviced at the water source point-of-entry by any in-house maintenance person or the manufacturer at a substantially lower cost than for a piping system replacement. The units are self-energizing and require no electricity; there are no moving parts, magnets, salts, phosphates, or chemicals.  In most cases, this is the most cost effective lead-abatement option. 

Approved by the California Department of Health Services, Proteus® Systems were installed in eight schools in the San Francisco School district where lead levels had been measured as high as 129 ppb—far higher than the EPA’s guidelines for schools of 20 ppb. Analysis over a 1.5-year period found typical water samples having zero traceable lead and the highest levels being 1/100th the level allowed by the EPA.

Proteus Systems are offered in three basic models: the 100-S, 200-C and 400-I with capacities ranging from 42gpm to 1,258gpm, accommodating pipe sized from 1/2-inch to 4 inches... more details here.

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