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The breakthrough technology to address a global need for a more energy efficient aeration solution for wastewater treatment.

The OxyMem Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor (MABR) can be deployed as a fully packaged secondary treatment solution. The OxyMem MABR combines biological treatment for carbon and nitrogen removal which brings the effluent to required discharge standards, all incorporated into a compact structure.

Biological treatment is accomplished through a series of MABR reactors. The MABR habitat creates a diverse and robust biofilm in which microbes develop and thrive. This offers improvednutrient removal, energy efficiency and impressive process resilience in a fraction of thefootprint compared to conventional systems. The typical package plant for municipal use is sized for a population equivalent (PE) of 2000 when operating on air. For industrial use a typical packaged plant would be 120kg of BOD removal per day.

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