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TK Consult AG offers an extensive service catalog in environmental and hydraulic engineering consulting, with special emphasis on the numerical modelling of hydrogeology, hydrodynamics, geothermal and software development.

Modelling is a useful tool for engineering design and analysis. Models solve physical problems by appropriate simplifications of reality. In engineering and environmental applications, modelling is divided into two major branches: physical/empirical modelling and numerical modelling. Laboratory tests are examples of physical modelling. Numerical models usually take the form of algebraic equations. In most engineering cases, these mathematical models cannot be solved analytically, requiring a numerical solution on a computer. Numerical models usually need to be carefully calibrated and validated against existing data. Error analysis of the numerical model is also required in this step.

TK Consult AG was founded in 1995 by Dr. J. Trösch and Dr. U. Kuhlmann, two former collaborators of ETH Zürich. Our engineers put at your service the broad experience and the in-depth know-how collected after numerous projects in different branches of environmental and hydraulic engineering. Such experience allows us to innovate smart solutions well suited to different needs and clients. Our strong skills in IT and programming facilitate this task.

Over the last two decades, TK Consult AG has participated in a large number of projects in different countries (Switzerland, Germany, Oman, Peru, etc.). Our clients, both particular or from industry or governmental agencies, show their satisfaction with the services rendered by calling us recurrently.

Contact us and together we will find the best possible creative solution open to you.

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