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In 2000, Aquafix started with the goal of developing great bio-technologies to the people who work in the wastewater industry. Today we biologically treat wastewater worldwide using select bacterial cultures, biochemical catalysts, and powerful biosimulants. Aquafix specializes in culturing nitrifying bacteria for immediate ammonia control, and biologically solving foaming, grease buildup, surfactant, hydrogen sulfide, sludge, dairy and midge fly issues. Many of our products were developed with a wastewater operator to focus directly on their needs. This allowed us to create products that solved the source of the problem and not just suppress it temporarily like most wastewater or janitorial additives do. We pride ourselves in providing custom solutions to all types of wastewater challenges without the use of chemicals, and we continue to spread the knowledge of the power of microorganisms to provide cleaner water everywhere.

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