Canal projects

Members of Canal projects

  • Sameer Dohare
    Director, Terraquaer Venture
    Know-how: Environmental Services
  • Sultan Salahuddin
    trainee Irrigation engineer, Consultant Associates Peshawar
    Know-how: Other
  • Stephanie Madison
    Know-how: Compliance, Pollution, Design & Construction, Environmental Health, Environment Evaluation, Regulatory
  • Yogesh Agrawal
    Water Resources Advisor and Consultant
    Know-how: Dams, Water Resource Management, Design & Construction, Storm Water Management, Urban Drainage System
  • Prof. Dr. Hilmi S.  Salem
    Professor, Executive Director, Consultant
    Know-how: Education, Environment, Human Rights, Energy, Non Profit, Water
  • Goksel VATAN
    General Manager, SU AKADEMISI Co. Ltd.
    Know-how: Industrial, Chemical Treatment, System Design, Reverse Osmosis, Water Resources
  • Iouri Vaisman
    Director, IVS Pty Ltd
    Know-how: Civil Engineering, Condition Assessment, Hydrological Modelling, Water Reuse & Recycling
  • Vadoud Naderi
    Lecturer, Mohaghegh Ardebili University
    Know-how: Virtual Water, Hydropower, Environmental Research, Water Supply Design, River Studies, Irrigation Projects
  • Mi Nakamura
    Know-how: Technology, IT
  • Raghuveer MC
    Senior Mechanical Engineer, Optiqua Technologies
    Know-how: Monitors, Sensor Systems, Smart Grid, Online Instrumentation
  • Water Network Research
    Researcher, AquaSPE AG
    Know-how: Water
  • Trudi Schifter
    CEO, AquaSPE
    Know-how: Venture Capital, Software & Services, Water, C-level
  • Amanthi G.
    Know-how: Water Resource Mapping, Sludge Separation
  • Y Rao
    Know-how: Surface Flow Analysis
  • Scott T
    Know-how: Raw Sewage Recycling, Sludge Treatment
  • bob ted
    MD, Tech sourecs
    Know-how: Privatization, Value Chain Analysis, Water Rates
  • Vishakha Rajput
    COO The Water Network, AquaSpe
    Know-how: Policy, Watershed, Biological Treatment, Program Development, Agriculture & Forestry, Irrigation
  • Kevil Vavaiya
    Wet Utility Engineer, WSP India Pvt Ltd
    Know-how: Sewage Treatment, Solid Waste Disposal, Design & Construction, Water, Sustainable Design, Hydraulic Modelling
    Know-how: Sustainable Development
  • Sara Shaeri Karimi
    Senior Hydraulic Engineer, Dezab Consulting Engineers Company
    Know-how: Water Resources, Irrigation Hydraulic Optimisation, Irrigation and Drainage, Hydrology Cycle
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