Water Finance

Members of Water Finance

  • David Lloyd Owen
    Managing Director , Envisager
    Know-how: Water Utility, Quality Maintenance, Water Charging & Pricing
  • B.N. Deshpande
    Project Head , Presently working at Madhoor BuildWell Pvt.Ltd. Nasik
    Know-how: Creative Water Structures
  • Akhil Kishore
    Accredited Advisor - GIA Advisors, SIDBI (Small Industries Development Bank of India)
    Know-how: Other
  • Goksel VATAN
    General Manager, SU AKADEMISI Co. Ltd.
    Know-how: Industrial, Chemical Treatment, System Design, Reverse Osmosis, Water Resources
    Specialized staff, Junta Municipal de Agua y Saneamiento de Chihuahua
    Know-how: Aquifer Recharge, Climate Change, Water Scientist, Water and Environment, Groundwater Surveys and Development , Urban Water Supply
  • toyaz kumar naik
    Know-how: Governance
  • Yang Villa
    Manager for Business Development, MetroPac Water Investments Corp.
    Know-how: Policy, Job Function, Environment, Water Supply, Infrastructure, Finance and Markets
  • Richard Vattay
    development director, EPHO Ltd.
    Know-how: Agriculture & Forestry
    Know-how: Sustainable Development
  • Water Network Research
    Researcher, AquaSPE AG
    Know-how: Water
  • Amir Moradi
    Know-how: Water Resources Department
  • Gloria De Paoli
    Environmental economist, ACTeon
    Know-how: Sustainable Water Resource Management, EU environmental policy
  • christine  adam
    Project cordinator, Water front
    Know-how: Policy, Climate Change
  • Tamer Al-Assad
    Technical Manager, AECOM
    Know-how: Energy Efficiency, Solar PV Plants, Water Rates, Public Private Partnership, Consulting & Engineering, Economics Of Water Resources Projects
  • nicoletta fooaler
    coordinator , Wave-power
    Know-how: Geology, Geothermal
  • bob ted
    MD, Tech sourecs
    Know-how: Privatization, Value Chain Analysis, Water Rates
  • Ronney Lohnag
    md, smart meter info
    Know-how: Contaminant Removal, Filtration, Hydrology, GIS
  • Kau Xiang
    Know-how: Treatment, Sludge Separation, Hydrology
  • Sandro Teruggi
    President, ECOSTUDIO
    Know-how: Water Supply & Drainage
  • Gema Alatas
    Indonesian society of water
    Know-how: Decontamination
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