Ethical water exchange

Members of Ethical water exchange

  • Valerie Issumo
    Project Leader and Designer of the Ethical Water Exchange, Prana Sustainable Water
    Know-how: Trading, Economics
  • Yang Villa
    Manager for Business Development, MetroPac Water Investments Corp.
    Know-how: Policy, Job Function, Environment, Water Supply, Infrastructure, Finance and Markets
  • Water Network Research
    Researcher, AquaSPE AG
    Know-how: Water
  • Iliana Adamopoulou
    PhD candidate, National Technical University of Athens
    Know-how: Environment, Social Responsibility, Sustainable Development, Quality & Environmental Management , Project Monitoring & Evaluation
    Innovation Project Engineer, Centro de InnovaciĆ³n de Infraestructuras Inteligentes
    Know-how: Research, Innovation
  • Kari Vigerstol
    The Nature Conservancy
    Know-how: Agriculture, Environment, Water Supply, Hydrology, Natural Resources Conservation, Governance & Planning
  • Vishakha Rajput
    COO The Water Network, AquaSpe
    Know-how: Policy, Watershed, Biological Treatment, Program Development, Agriculture & Forestry, Irrigation
  • Sahar Zavareh
    Know-how: Business Development, Financing
  • Aixois L'Aixois
    Know-how: Multi-Effect Distillation
  • David Groenfeldt
    Director, Water-Culture Institute
    Know-how: Environment, Ecosystem Management
  • Sean Brennan
    Director, Structuring - Account Management, Veolia Water North America
    Know-how: Ultrafiltration, Membranes, Membrane Technology, Sludge Separation, Wastewater Treatment, Operation & Maintenance
  • Maria Kouyoumijian
    Know-how: Pricing
  • Liz Bonetto
    Online Engagement Manager, The Simson Foundation
    Know-how: Other, Sustainable Development
  • G Prasad Babu
    Project Officer - Integrated Water Managment, UNDP India
    Know-how: Environment, Groundwater
  • Yogesh Agrawal
    Water Resources Advisor and Consultant
    Know-how: Dams, Water Resource Management, Design & Construction, Storm Water Management, Urban Drainage System
  • David Lloyd Owen
    Managing Director , Envisager
    Know-how: Water Utility, Quality Maintenance, Water Charging & Pricing
  • Ernst-Heino Schaefer
    PR and Marketing , and
    Know-how: Marketing Communications, Treatment Plants, Public Relations, Diagnostic Equipment , Web Services
  • Greg Majersky
    Liquid Asset Development
    Know-how: Flocculation, Ion Exchange, Technology, Membranes, Research, Desalination
  • Olivier Prigent
    Auditor, European Court of Auditors
    Know-how: Quality Maintenance, Pipeline, Leakage Reduction, Conservation
  • Alan Coyle
    SAP Functional Analyst, South Florida Water Management
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