The Water Network Newsletter - March 2015

02 Apr 2015 at 07:50
March 2015
It is encouraging to me, as a venture capitalist, that in the last 12 months, we have received an increasing number of inquiries about investment opportunities, new technologies and promising start-ups in the water sector. The Water Network is becoming a clearing house for deals with over 8000 companies represented, a critical mass of investors, and our new Organization listing.
RaVio and Liquidity are great examples of a new generation of water start-ups that are making waves. 
If you need innovative water solutions, have great technology or are an investor looking for deals, I would love to hear from you and show you how The Water Network can help.
Kind regards,
Trudi Schifter, Founder and CEO, AquaSPE AG
Featured Company Updates
RayVio closes $9.3M for UV Technology to Clean Water
The Hayward, California-based company received $9.3 million of Series B funding for developing low-cost methods to use its ultraviolet light-emitting diode (UV LED) technology to disinfect water at the point of use and clean air of infectious diseases.
New Filter by Liquidity Nanotech
Liquidity, a Silicon Valley startup, provided a preview of its new product that aims to make safe, germ-free water readily available to millions of consumers everywhere. The new "Naked Filter" instantly cleans water through a web structure of nanofibers, removing over 99% of bacteria.
'Ballast Water Treatment Market', an Analysis Report by GWI
GWI has released the latest analysts’ report on the ballast water treatment market. The report says a surge of investment in ballast water treatment is expected in 2015 due to the imminent ratification of the IMO Convention and the first USCG-approved ballast water treatment technology.
Proteus Systems: A Case Study in Water Technology Solutions
Proteus® Systems: stops hard water from corroding plumbing; stops lead from leaching into drinking water; saves water pipes, as thin as a quarter inch, from replacement and solves the national water shortage crisis.
Oxymem Wins Grand Prize at International Awards
OxyMem, an Irish start-up working in water cleaning and efficiency technology, has won the grand prize at Imagine H2O, a leading accelerator for water technology based in San Francisco. Their winning category was 'Infrastructure Challenge'.
Featured Research Update
Research Project on Immortal Membranes
The University of Bath is developing the next generation of long-lasting immortal membranes that will be able to separate water from problematic particles. Supported by significant industry partners including: Johnson Matthey, Evonik, GSK, BP, Pervatech, Bluestone Global Tech, Anglian Water, and Severn Trent Water.
Editor's Choice
Expert interview on Hydralic Fracturing
Dr. Martin Elsner, Group Leader of Environment Isotope Chemistry, Institute of Groundwater Ecology at the Helmholtz Zentrum in Munich, discusses hydraulic fracturing and its effect on groundwater contamination.
Seriba Konare is trying to establish a link between wetlands and sanitation issues in a rural area to find out where the solid and liquid wastes produced in a village will end up.
Iouri Vaisman - MD of Iouriv Water Solutions - writes about the Alice Water Smart project, aimed at reducing the consumption of potable water in Alice Springs, Australia, to preserve the town’s water supply.
Expert Blog: Energy Recovery Devices
An overview of the importance of ERD in Reverse Osmosis processes by Industrial Engineering Expert, Alejandro Núñez.
Expert Blog: Challenges for sustainable access to water and sanitation services
Gregoire writes about his experience dealing with the major concerns decision makers and leaders of developing countries are facing over sustainable water and sanitation.
Featured Events
AWWA Annual Conference & Expo - Anaheim, CA, United States - June 08-11
The American Water Works Association is the largest and oldest professional water association in the US. Their annual conference is the place to connect with the US water sector. Meet us and AquaSPE CEO Trudi Schifter at booth 450.
WaterVent New York - New York, NY, United States - April 16-18
WaterVent is the first matchmaking platform designed to bring water technology entrepreneurs and investors together in an exclusive, one-on-one setting in order to assess business opportunities, and facilitate financing in the water sector.
7th World Water Forum - Daegu & Gyeongbuk, South Korea - April 12 - 17
Come visit The Water Network and exciting Swiss Water Technology Companies at the 7th World Water Forum, from 12-17 April 2015 in South Korea at the Swiss Water Partnership (SWP) booth 1F.
Featured Jobs
Deputy Team Leader - Padma Multipurpose Bridge Project - Dhaka, Bangladesh
Senior Hydrologist - Int'l mining & metals consulting firm - United Kingdom
Project Manager, Hydropower - Civil engineering/consulting firm - Pakistan
Water & Wastewater Engineer - Int'l engineering/consulting firm - Madrid, Spain
Institutional Specialist, Climate Change - Int'l development consulting firm - Mozambique
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