The Water Network Newsletter - Feburary 2015

12 Feb 2015 at 08:24
February 2015
We hope you enjoy this second edition of The Water Network Newsletter, thanks to the several hundred of you who posted recent water technology case studies on the Network.
I would like to invite you to share your case study, blog and white paper today. It is easy, register and post in the group(s) of your choice.
Kind regards,
Vishakha Rajput
COO, The Water Network
Featured Company Updates
G2O - Graphene Technologies for a Cleaner World
G2O uses graphene membranes that give a unique combination of high flux rates with low fouling and the ability to repair membranes in situ. The membranes can recover from fouling without the need for chemicals and the pore sizes can be tuned to specific applications.
Global Water Intelligence publishes results from the Water Tariff Survey
The report exposes water’s dependence on economic indicators, as energy crises, currency runs and political unrest pushed more costs onto domestic consumers. The global cost of water has risen by 4.3% in the past year according to Global Water Intelligence’s 2014 Water Tariff Survey.
IDE’s Desalination Plant in Israel Sets World Record
IDE’s Seawater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) desalination plant in Ashkelon, Israel recently reached a world record of producing and delivering 1 billion m3 of high quality tap water since the start of its operation in 2005.
Jain Irrigation Signs MoU with Australia Researchers
Scientists from The Australian Mango Industry explore the high technology production package, Ultrahigh Density Mango, that Jain have successfully developed and extended to Indian farmers.
SPML Infra Receives Water Supply System Project for Indian Cities
SPML Infra has received performance-based management contracts to design and construct the infrastructure of distribution networks, provide metered connections, and operate and maintain the facilities for three Indian cities in Kerala.
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Editor's Choice
Expert interview
Dr. Jean Fried is a Project Scientist at the University of California, Irvine, USA, and is associate with UNESCO-IHP ISARM project on groundwater education and training. In a discussion with The Water Network, Dr. Fried explains about international transboundry water management issues and policies.
Q&A: What are the methods to raise Ph of well water?
Terrence Magee, homeowner in rural Maine, is looking for different options to raise water pH. The existing 6.2 pH water is harming the house pipeline with blue-green staining and pinhole leaks.
Q&A: Reusing treated effluent of pulp and paper plant for irrigation?
A pulp and paper plant will be installed near Orinoco River in Venezuela.  Lenin Herrera is discussing how the effluent could be reused for field irrigation without any risk.
Expert Blog: 2014 A Year in Review: Speaking Up About Water
Accredited business communicator and water communication expert Donna Vincent Roa writes about the highlights of 2014 within the water sector. She covers a wide range of topics from climate change to fracking to water sustainability.
Expert Blog: Stimulating bacterial growth to enhance biodegradation
Uwe Schneidewind, PhD candidate from Ghen University writes about Biodegradation processes – a low cost treatment option for environmental pollutant removal.
Featured Events
Global Water Summit 2015 - Athens, Greece - April 27-28
This summit will focus on the theme of the Water Value Revolution, bringing together government and utility leaders, senior executives, investors and best practitioners from across the global water industry.
World Agri-Tech Investment Summit - San Francisco, U.S. - March 03-04
The goal of the summit is to accelerate the adoption of sustainable, resource-efficient agricultural technologies through knowledge-sharing and the formation of new alliances between key stakeholders.
Featured Jobs
Knowledge and Research Coordinator - WASH project, CAWST, Canada
Hydropower Engineer - International engineering consulting firm, Nepal
Operations Manager - Brackish and seawater RO systems plant, Carribean
Hydraulics Engineer - Wastewater treatment plant project, Ecuador
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