The Water Network Newsletter - April 2015

05 May 2015 at 05:47
April 2015
Thousands of victims of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal on April 25th are in acute need of safe drinking water. The Swiss company Trunz Water Systems has a "Survivor" water treatment plant in Bharatpur that is providing safe drinking water to the city hospital.
They are seeking financial support to send another 10 Survivor units to Nepal. Each one will provide up to 400 people with safe drinking water daily. Please view details here to support this good cause.
Kind regards,
Vishakha Rajput
COO - The Water Network
Featured Company Updates
New Technology for Grease Control in Sewer Lines
Aquafix has developed new biotechnology to control fats, oils, and grease in lift stations, pumping stations, and sewer lines that requires little maintenance. Bug On A Rope is a no-netting, slow-release bacterial brick that is bound by oxygen-rich biostimulants rather than an oil-based binder.
GWI Releases New Desalination Markets 2016 Report
This report is a guide to the growth hotspots, regional demand and the trends and challenges driving the need for desal technologies. It includes 17 profiles of the regions with the best opportunities; analysis of the desalination market, key players, trends and market size forecasts; and in-depth analysis of emerging technologies.
LeafMon Tech Revolutionizing Crop Irrigation
Cermetek has announced new sensor technology called LeafMon. The technology collects and analyzes new sensor data growers can use to base irrigation decisions on plant conditions. This technology will substantially reduce water use and permit the grower to maintain plants in near ideal conditions to maximize crop quality and yield.
Innovative Drone Technology for Plantations
This drone startup plans to seed one billion trees a year, without ever setting foot on the ground. BioCarbon's drone flies above an area, mapping its level of forestation and reporting back on the potential for restoration. Then, the aerial vehicle swoops above ground and fires out a seed pod at sufficient velocity to penetrate the soil surface.
Coating the Encana Water Treatment Facility - Case Study
This case study describes a coating project at a new water treatment facility that will treat up to one million gallons of water a day from oil and gas production in the central Wyoming region. Ecodur coating was chosen because of its NSF-61 rating and renewable castor oil component.
Water Project Supported by AquaSPE
The Water Ambassadors
The Water Ambassadors are Hydroinformatics students and researchers from all over the world pursuing Masters degrees from UNESCO-IHE. These students study the computer models developed for the Everglades Restoration Program at Florida. The students take learning back to their home countries to help solve water problems. Florida Earth Foundation is raising funds to support these students with The Water Network as official Fund-Raising Partner.
Editor's Choice
Mahesh in Nepal aims to develop a toilet cab which is cheap, portable and easy to construct. He wants to know existing different sustainable business models for sanitation for pro-poor communities.
The well water has TDS around 1020 ppm, JP Kwon targets to reduce it to below 500 ppm so that the water can be used for the irrigation purpose. Can he achieve targets without installing expensive RO system?
Expert Blog: Quantifying 'N' Removal from Contaminated Aquifers
Find out more about importance of in situ nitrogen cycling for the remediation of contaminated groundwater megasites in Ruth's latest blog.
Expert Blog: Sanitation & Behavior Change in India
Kevin Shane shares his field experience and views on critical sanitation and infrastructure issues in India.
Expert Blog: High Lagoon pH Due to Planktonic Algae
The pH can skyrocket when algal activity seems minimal in lagoon. Tyler Kerns explains how presence of a planktonic algae affects the pH and why.
Featured Events
AWWA Annual Conference & Expo - Anaheim, CA, United States - June 08-11
The American Water Works Association is the largest and oldest professional water association in the US. Their annual conference is the place to connect with the US water sector. Take opportunity to meet AquaSPE CEO Trudi Schifter at booth 450.
Water Summit 2015 - Milwaukee, WI, United States - June 23-24
The Water Council’s annual Water Summit attracts water experts and a lineup of international speakers. This year’s theme, “Creating a One Water Region,” focuses on a model that connects and enhances historically independent “water silos” to create a more efficient, effective and comprehensive water system for a region.
Featured Jobs
Conference Programme Manager - IWA - The Hague, Netherlands
Water/Wastewater & Sanitation Engineers - GITEC Consult GmbH - Worldwide
Hygiene Manager - Splash (WASH charity) - Nepal
Project Manager - Cooks River Alliance - Strathfield, Australia
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