Wessex Water & TaKaDu Sign Contract


Wessex Water and TaKaDu sign a 1-year contract to enhance water conservation efforts and manage the water network more efficiently

Wessex Water has signed a one year contract with TaKaDu to pilot its leading Event Management solution across the southern part of its 11,500 kilometre water network. 
The trial aims to enhance Wessex Water’s efforts to conserve water, improve its customer service and manage its network more efficiently.

As a leader in sustainability, Wessex Water, part of YTL Power International, is deeply committed to protecting the environment while still providing its customers with top quality water. As such, they are now joining forces with TaKaDu, the leading provider of Integrated Water Network Management, which uses predictive analytics to translate raw data into knowledge about events including: leaks, bursts, faulty assets and operational failures. Each event is managed throughout its entire life-cycle and the solution also provides insights and key KPIs at an Executive level.

Director of Strategy and New Markets, David Elliott, said “Since reducing leakage and improving customer service is a high priority for us, we reviewed the technologies available and found TaKaDu's comprehensive Event Management solution to be a significant step towards our long-term vision for a smart water network".

Nigel Martin, General Manager for Supply Operations, said, "I am confident that this partnership will support Wessex Water's commitment to excellence and continue to support our goals by improving our network efficiency and operations".

TaKaDu uses statistical and mathematical algorithms to integrate, aggregate, and analyse water network data through a cloud-based solution. As a broad management solution, TaKaDu enables utilities to achieve higher network efficiency through resolving issues faster and at a lower cost.

Amir Peleg, Founder and CEO of TaKaDu, noted “We are excited to be working with Wessex Water – one of the best water utilities in the UK and in the world. By deploying the TaKaDu solution, they are gaining visibility into their network, enabling them to make more informed decisions, ultimately helping to reduce water loss, generate efficiencies and improve customer service".

About Wessex Water 
Wessex Water is a regional water utility providing water services to customers across the south west of England including Dorset, Somerset, Bristol, most of Wiltshire and parts of Gloucestershire and Hampshire.

Supplying 270 million litres of a water a day to 1.3 million customers, Wessex Water is recognised as one of the most efficient water and sewerage companies in England and Wales.

Source: PR Web

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