Untapped Water Systems' AIR-X Achieves the World’s Highest 99.9% Anti-Microbial Rating against E.coli Proven by SGS


Untapped Water Systems’ (UWS) ‘water from air’ (AWG) machine AIR-X has reached the world’s highest antibacterial efficacy of 99.9999% (R=5.81) against E.coli, proven by the world’s leading inspection/verification/testing/and certification company SGS.

ISPBC (International Self-Powered Building Council) awarded UWS with ATC (Autonomous Technology Council) certification for its superior technology and its critical life-sustaining function in areas with water pollution and drought concerns.

UWS' industry-leading technologies ensure the strongest anti-microbial protection of any water machine/dispenser without chemicals. AIR-X utilizes advanced multi-phase UV-light, and other proprietary technologies to protect the water storage tanks and distribution to eliminate dangerous bacteria growth.

"Protecting peoples’ health is our priority. The results show that bacteria can’t survive on the surface of our anti-germ storage tanks. We are the first AWG company with this achievement," says Chad Ordoyne, Executive Director, UWS.

According to Global Risks Report by the World Economic Forum (WEF), water is now one of the highest global risks along with extreme weather patterns, which can make food and water-borne E.coli outbreaks more frequent. While most strains are harmless, some are toxic or lethal causing diarrhea, kidney failure and nervous system damage. During storms E.coli from animal waste or sewage can wash into groundwater contaminating it.

Coinciding with Earth Day, the announcement of UWS’ anti-microbial test results highlights the life-saving importance of rapidly decreasing water quality, endangering global water & food security.

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