TG Wastewater Launches "Septic Smart"


TG Wastewater Septic Smart Plan Informs Homeowners About Correct Septic System Treatment and Get their Septic Systems Scrutinized and Maintained Before Certified Inspectors’ Agendas Fill Round the Vacations

TG wastewater launched its "SepticSmart" week, a brand new program inspiring homeowners to undertake suitable measures to maintain their house septic tank systems, stopping expensive repairs, uneasiness and pollution of nearby water sources that poses dangers to public-health and also the environment. Based on the U.S. Census Bureau, almost 25 % of American households—more than 26-million homes—and nearly one third of present construction are maintained by septic systems.

EPA released SepticSmart to advertise correct septic tank treatment and upkeep. This program aspires to teach homeowners about correct use of septic tanks parts and also the requirement for regular septic system upkeep. SepticSmart also offers business professionals, local authorities and local businesses with materials and tools to teach their customers and citizens.

People should disseminate dishwasher and laundry loads during the day. Consider repairing plumbing leaks along with installing faucet septic aerators and water-efficient commodities. An excessive amount of water-use at the same time may clog the system, especially if it hasn't been pumped within the past couple of years.

To prevent the septic tank from clogging, avoid pouring grease, solids and fats down the drain. Homeowners must have their septic system scrutinized every 3 years with a certified contractor and also have their septic-tank pumped up when required, usually every 3 to 5 years. Normal examination and pumping of the septic system may save homeowners from expensive repairs. On average, pumping septic tanks can cost homeowners nearly $250, as the average price of changing a traditional septic system is $5,000 to $10,000. 

Source: Digital Journal

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