Standard Set for American Drinking Water Systems


American National Standards Institute Has Recognised Sustainable Drinking Water Treatment Systems as an American National Standard, which Is Claimed to Help Consumers Select Dinking Water Filters

WQA/ASPE/ANSI S-803 is the first approved sustainability standard in the country for drinking water treatment products.

S-803 was being used as a private standard by the drinking water treatment industry for more than a year before it received official recognition.

Water Quality Association (WQA) and American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE) teamed up to take the original version through official public review processes necessary for its ANSI accreditation.

WQA Sustainability Mark will now be a standard for drinking water treatment products.

Products meeting requirements specified by WQA/ASPE/ANSI S-803 will be eligible for the mark, after rigorous assessment of sustainable production practices adopted by respective manufacturers.

Product life cycle, starting from checking the raw material used, to packaging, consumer use and end-disposition, will also be up for consideration.

The standard will use a point-based system for evaluation, which will offer manufacturers the choice to pick and implement environment initiatives from the allowed sustainable criteria in customised cost-effective ways.

ASPE executive director and CEO Jim Kendzel said: "ASPE was honoured to be chosen by the WQA to take their standards through the ASPE development process and to ultimately achieve approval as American National Standards.

Source: Water-Technology

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