SIMPS – a simple software solution for simulations of pressurised sewer networks


At the request of Danish pump manufacturing company Grundfos, we’ve developed a simple software solution for running hydraulic and water quality simulations of pressurised sewer networks. The software will have an uncomplicated, yet powerful user interface for the designing and documentation of pressurised pump network solutions to give Grundfos the ability to provide quotes time- and cost-efficient within a short time-frame.

Pressurised sewer systems are characterised by a dynamic behaviour, with many pump stations injecting wastewater into one or multiple pressurised sewer networks (rising mains). Most of the pipes in these systems are under pressurised conditions at any given time, but in some sections of pipes the flow conditions may change between pressurised and gravity conditions. MOUSE hydraulic engine has been selected as it supports the various flow regimes dynamically.

One of the challenges in designing these systems arises from the interaction between pumps, causing the pumps to operate dynamically around its duty point. Another issue with these systems is the risk of formation hydrogen sulphide (H2S) due to long travel/retention times. The formation of H2S may lead to corrosion of the infrastructure and odour problems.

SIMPS helps overcome these challenges by simulating both the hydraulics and the retention time in order to assess the hydraulic performance and the risk of formation of H2S. The SIMPS software supports the user in selecting pumps, pump stations and pipes from manufacturer lists provided by Grundfos.

The SIMPS software has some inbuilt output and reporting capability, allowing the user to quickly assess the simulation results by statistical analyses of the individual pump and pipe performance, as well as generate a report based on a predefined MS Word template. As such, the produced documentation from SIMPS of the performance of the pressurised network can be provided to the tenderer or an owner of an existing sewer network in a reproducible, fast, and efficient way.

SIMPS is a client/server solution that stores all data in a centrally located database, executes the MOUSE simulation on a designated server and provides a feature-rich graphical user interface (GUI) on the client side workstation. Deployment happens through the use of Microsoft’s ClickOnce technology which allows for low cost and simple installation through simply clicking on a web link. Updates to the software are automatically distributed to the users when they start the application.

Developed by DHI Group in close collaboration with Grundfos, SIMPS is branded as a MIKE CUSTOMISED by DHI product. It is capable of being operated by both front end sales staff as well as back end engineers.


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