Open Source Software for Hydraulic Research

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Deltares has won the IAHR Industry Innovation Award for Open Source Software initiative. This initiative is contributing to the global application of of hydraulic research results

Given the great speed of scientific production in the field, international co-operation is needed to have synergy. The prize was handed over by the president of the IAHR Roger Falconer; ‘Deltares open source platform initiative enables the hydraulic research community to work together while securing their results in the open source software.

And this open source software also let others have the advantages of the scientific progress. It is not only researchers that benefit from the investments Deltares made to develop outstanding models such as Delft3D.’

‘In 2011 we started our open source approach. That was quite a revolutionary decision at the time, but we did it anyway because we wanted to learn from experiences of universities and companies worldwide.

It proves to be an efficient way to collaborate. It leads to faster joint development (time-to-market) with integration of unique expertise of third parties, including bug fixing and validation of the software within the community. We have never regretted this decision’: says Maarten Smits, managing director of Deltares.

Source: Deltares

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