Now, paddy to come under drip irrigation


After providing the drip irrigation technology for cash crops, Netafim Irrigation India Pvt Ltd is now driving adoption of the technology in rice.

Randhir Chauhan, Managing Director, Netafim India, told Business Line that the company decided to experiment the drip fertigation system in rice, oil seeds and pulses as the use of drip irrigation system was largely confined to cash crops such as sugarcane, banana and vegetable crops at present.

“We have been conducting field trials here in rice on a pilot basis, and the initial response has been positive,” Chauhan said, adding that the company was poised to rope in more acreage under drip fertigation in the years to come. Farm Varsity experts estimate the area under rice in India at 42 million hectares.

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Ned Marco
great news for south asian countries.
Roger G
will this irrigation method increase the weeds which will eventually increasing the chemical application?
Venkatasamy R
It is good to know that trail is done for drip irrigation for paddy. I hope you should have considered the intrinsic critical issues associated with paddy cultivation such as controlling weeds, rodents' menace in maintaining the micro tubes, etc.
As we are aware of larger area under tank irrigation, finding out an innovative micro irrigation technology adoptable for our tank systems where the stored water is highly turbid.
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