New Filter by Liquidity Nanotech


Liquidity's Naked Filter instantly cleans water through a web structure of nano-fibers, removing 99.9999% of bacteria

Liquidity, a Silicon Valley startup, provided an early preview today of its forthcoming new product that aims to make safe, germ-free water readily available to millions of consumers everywhere.

Victor W. Hwang, Liquidity’s CEO, stated, “We are proud to announce the world’s most powerful water filter ever for personal, portable use. It enables anyone to make their own healthy water anywhere, anytime.”

Liquidity is focused on helping solve the global health crisis caused by microbe-contaminated drinking water by providing practical, affordable water purification products. The revolutionary nanotechnology that powers its products is a result of more than 15 years of R&D at Stony Brook University and Liquidity. Naked Filter, a portable water filtration bottle, is Liquidity’s first mainstream consumer product and the first product to offer an electro-spun, nano-fiber membrane technology that provides pharmaceutical-grade water filtration.

Naked Filter turns bacteria-laden water into 99.9999% percent germ-free, naked water. Using Naked Filter, people can access fresh water from anywhere: a creek, a pond, a faucet when traveling, a public drinking fountain, or much worse. Naked Filter acts like a colander, physically removing disease-causing bacteria and protozoan cysts such as E. coli, Salmonella, Cholera and Giardia as the water flows through it. Most portable water bottles do not have any filter. Some popular water bottle brands use a carbon filter to reduce chlorine, thus improving taste and odor, but failing to remove germs. Other bottles require a huge amount of pressure to use, or can fail without consumers realizing it.

Consumers can now have peace of mind that they are drinking clean, healthy water in an easy-to-use portable water bottle format. Water flows so quickly through the filter that users will notice little difference between a standard water bottle and Naked Filter. This combination of filter efficacy and ease-of-use sets a new standard in the consumer water space.

Source: PRWeb

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Govind Bharad
Seem to be very good and novel way to have filter water.
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