Millions of Farmers are Advancing Agriculture for Themselves


The world record yield for paddy rice production is not held by an agricultural research station or by a large-scale farmer from the United States, but by Sumant Kumar who has a farm of just two hectares in Darveshpura village in the state of Bihar in Northern India. His record yield of 22.4 tons per hectare, from a one-acre plot, was achieved with what is known as the System of Rice Intensification (SRI). To put his achievement in perspective, the average paddy yield worldwide is about 4 tons per hectare. Even with the use of fertilizer, average yields are usually not more than 8 tons.

Sumant Kumar’s success was not a fluke. Four of his neighbors, using SRI methods, and all for the first time, matched or exceeded the previous world record from China, 19 tons per hectare. Moreover, they used only modest amounts of inorganic fertilizer and did not need chemical crop protection.

Using SRI methods, smallholding farmers in many countries are starting to get higher yields and greater productivity from their land, labor, seeds, water and capital, with their crops showing more resilience to the hazards of climate change 

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lyseconcept jean Marius

It is about a completely BIOLOGICAL concept which functions only with the work of reduction of the organic matter (biological breakdown) carried out by the useful bacterium.
with this intention the process “Pit Biological " lyseconcept actuates in its centre 14/16 biological parameters of biological breakdown. It obtains thus a performance épuratoire except ground of 90%. The water rejection at exit of the process being biological, is sent on a vegetalized discharge system which him in complement of the work of abatement of the organic matter of the process, will purify the ground of the diffuse pollution contained naturally in waste waters (Urea, ammonia, nitrogenize, nitrate, mug up phospate, etc)
The whole of the device makes it possible to obtain a performance épuratoire of more than 98% without production of mud residues which requires palliative treatments as expensive as pollutant.
With an address enamel I send documentation adapted much more explicit than some lines on a forum.
with the pleasure of reading you Jean Marius
lyseconcept jean Marius

Hello it is what we apply in Africa by revalorizing domestic waste waters for an agronomic productivity. the concept moreover solves two problems of importance: the rejection D '' waste waters in the environment polluting the water tables, the safeguarding of a rare resource drinking water.
jean Marius
bob ted
I liked the SRI technology they are talking here. Marius i would like to know how your technology actually works.
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