Irish Water will be allowed raise prices every year


WATER charges are set to go up every year for families because Irish Water will be allowed to increase the rate. And even households who stop wasting water and reduce their consumption could still end up with higher bills. Under new plans being drawn up, Irish Water will be able to seek an annual hike in water charges if its earnings are hit by a drop in the usage of water by households.

Irish Water can also seek increases if the cost of upgrading the water infrastructure turns out to be greater than expected. It is the first time that consumers have been made aware of the prospect of regular increases in water charges – rather than getting a guaranteed rate for several years.

A consultation paper on the roll-out of water charges next October by the new water regulator also says Irish Water will:

* Be allowed to keep more profits if they fix leaks faster and install water meters faster.

* Hold on to the money for six years before passing on any cost savings to householders.

* Take over water infrastructure worth €11bn.

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