Haphazard Planning - Causing Heat Island Effect.


United States Environment Protect Agency define the term heat island as a built up areas that are hotter than nearby rural areas.

One can also feel about 1 - 6 °C higher temperature of air as well as surface of city and suburbs, comparative to nearby rural areas.

Considering Indian cities, which are rapidly developing, to accept maximum opportunity for nation development.

However, the constrain of land availability is hampering the city planning, and haphazardly city is being developed by builders and municipal corporations.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." - Leonardo da Vinci

Yes, he is brutally honest. Using Air Conditioning units to residential as well as commercial structures, add couple of °C in the city and suburbs, by pumping heat from the inside to the ambient.

The increase in ambient temperature, further need more duty from Air Conditioning units, to remove the increased inside temperature, which is due to increased ambient temperature, from the residential as well as commercial structures, which further increases the power consumption.

India, being dominated by coal based power generation, huge amount of green house gas is already being added into the environment. The heat island effect add more green house gas during the summer.

Hence, deigning and construction of any new structure should also consider the heat island effect. Also, existing structures should be modified to reduce the heat island effect.

Act Now!! Make small changes in your locality, for bigger change in the future. 

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