Electrochemical Desalination Reduces Energy Use


Evoqua Water Technologies has launched the next generation in electrochemical desalination that utilizes tunable technology that  can reduce energy costs by as much as 30 percent in initial trials

Evoqua’s Nexed module technology provides features such as an advanced low-energy membrane, intelligent flow distribution, and tunable dissolved solids removal capability allowing new options for reduced energy use, costs and facility footprint. Nexed modules will initially be used in brackish water desalination applications and will shortly be expanded to seawater desalination applications.

The company says Nexed modules provide cost-effective treatment options such as consistent water quality with variable feed water parameters or partial removal of contaminants without the need for blending. Because output quality can be manipulated by input power adjustments, this tunable feature also allows for options to minimize footprint and provide for optimized energy consumption. The base technology has features including: low pressure, quiet operation and tunable performance.

Source: Environmental Leader

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