Desalitech announces partnership that will bring water solutions to Mexico


Newton-based wastewater treatment company Desalitech has partnered with Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies, a Paris-based industrial and municipal water treatment technologies company, to bring advanced, cost-effective water solutions to Mexico and countries worldwide. The agreement was signed in Mexico City as part of  Gov. Deval Patrick's trade mission to Latin America.

The partnership aims to lower the amount of water lost and energy needed to treat water and wastewater. The two companies have previously collaborated.

Desalitech, which was founded in Israel and relocated to Newton last year, offers high-recovery, low-energy water treatment solutions in the agriculture and the industrial sectors. Since 2008, Desalitech has expanded its industrial installation base. Desalitech's products use patented Closed Circuit Desalination Reverse Osmosis technology, able to reduce waste generation by up to 70 percent and energy consumption by 35 percent. 

"Water shortage and industrial wastewater disposal are among the world's toughest problems, and their impact on industry and agriculture is accelerating with growth," Desalitech CEO Nadav Efraty, who accompanied Patrick on the trade mission, said in a statement. "This must change, and Desalitech's mission is to bring this change today. Our high efficiency solutions represent a new future for industrial and agricultural water and wastewater treatment. The alliance we are announcing today with the world's largest and foremost engineering company of water treatment facilities, Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies, is a remarkable landmark and a great privilege for Desalitech."

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